Underpad, Incontinence Pad (New and Superior type for Large – 60cmx90cm)


Each pack has 10 pieces.

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3 sizes of this disposable underpads (inco pads) are available:

  • comes in 2 different colours – blue and pink. (Choosing of colour is not recommended)
  • small – 45cm x 60cm, 32g (20 pieces per pack)
  • medium – 60cm x 60cm, 42g (10 pieces per pack)
  • large – 60cm x 90cm, 50g (10 pieces per pack)


This non-sterile single use underpad is highly absorbent, yet waterproof.

  • Construction of the top layer (white non-woven material with chequered boxes) helps to absorb and prevent leakage and provide a dry and comfortable feel.


Effective barrier against fluids such as:

  • urine, blood, vomitus, alcohol, liquid medication and even perspiration from ‘sweaty butts’.


Use it for nursing care for the elderly, for baby care – to protect the bed mattress, sofa, chairs, cushioned chairs – leather or fabric, from getting soiled.

Suitable for pets’ use too.

Additional information

Inco-pad sizes

Large – 60cmx90cm, Medium – 60cmx60cm, Small – 45cmx60cm


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