Ultrasound Gel – 5 litres


Ultrasound Gel – 5 litres

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The Ultrasound Gel is used as a coupling medium between the transducer and the external body surface during the scanning.

This Ultrasound Gel is dermatologically tested to ensure that it does not cause skin irritation, abrasion or allergic reaction.

It is water-soluble, non-corrosive and salt-free; Acoustically Perfect.

To apply, squeeze sufficient amount from this 250ml application bottle onto the skin surface.
Upon completion, wipe off from the transducer and the skin with a towel or tissue.

For economical consideration, purchase the 5 litres bottle.
To re-fill into the smaller application bottle, a set of very simple instructions is available via video download.

Packaging :250ml and 5litres.


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