Tourniquet Drape


Tourniquet Drape

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Tourniquet drapes are aperture drapes that has an elastic aperture, usually meant for procedure to be done on the digits or for circumcision (Circumcision Drape).

This drape will be applied right to the base of the digit to create an even circumferential pressure (tourniquet effect) for controlling site bleeding and quicker completion of the surgery.

The applied pressure can be reduced by making radical cuts around the aperture

These disposable tourniquet drapes are designed or can be customised for many surgical procedure such as suturing of fingers and toes, avulsion of the nails, incision and drainage, skin grafting, wound debridement and amputation.

The Circumcision Drape is modified for circumcision where surgical amputation of the prepuce will be accompanied by immediate and profuse bleeding that is difficult to control. In this procedure, the elastic aperture is applied to the root of the penis to control the bleeding and allows for the blood vessels to be identified for haemostasis by litigation or diathermy coagulation, and the procedure can be carried out without haste and trying impatience.

Current availability are for two sizes of Tourniquet Drapes – Medium and Large.

Other requirements are welcomed for customization.

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