Toilet & Suture Set (5060)


Suitable for sutures no. 50 – 60. Price per set is

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This Toilet and Suture Set (5060) is specifically designed for plastic surgeons and doctors who need it for suturing facial wounds and for use in hospital’s emergency room or in clinics – for cleaning the skin of more delicate areas on the body before suturing and for dressing the wound after suturing.

This set consists of a procedure tray, an underlay (to prevent solution from wetting and contaminating the underlying surface) and a lithotomy drape that provides a sterile field around the wound to be sutured. Cotton balls and gauzes are also packed within this set.

Instruments within the set includes disposable GSF forceps, and stainless-steel tissue forceps, needle-holder and scissors – for wound debridement, stitching and cutting of suture ends.

The unique features of this set are the specially-designed scissors and needle holders with smooth jaws that can handle 6-0 sutures.

Note: Sutures are not included.


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