Toilet & Suture Set (1030)


Suitable for sutures no. 10 – 30. Price per set is

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Designed for use in hospital’s emergency room or in clinics – for cleaning the skin before suturing and for dressing the wound after suturing.

This set consists of a procedure tray, an underlay (to prevent solution from wetting and contaminating the underlying surface) and a lithotomy drape that provides a sterile field around the wound to be sutured. Cotton balls and gauzes are also packed within this set.

Instruments within the set includes disposable GSF forceps, and stainless-steel tissue forceps, needle-holder and scissors for wound debridement, stitching and cutting of suture ends.

Two different versions of the Toilet and Suture Sets are generally available and a third (upon advance request).

They are differentiated by the type of tissue forceps, needle holders and scissors customised.

The two generic sets are meant for handling suture 1-0/3-0 and 3-0/5-0, whereas the third set (with specially-designed scissors and needle holders with smooth jaws that can handle 6-0 sutures) can be made available for plastic surgeons and doctors who need it for suturing facial wounds.

Note: Sutures are not included.


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