Suction Catheters (Thumb Control / Finger Control), minimum 20 tubes per size


Suction Catheters (Thumb Control / Finger Control)

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These Suction Catheters are designed with two types of connectors used for controlling suction pressure.

The Thumb-control (TC) connector has an attached cap to fit the pressure release outlet to increase the suction pressure to its maximum and regulate the pressure without having to hold his or her thumb continuously over the control outlet.

The cap can be easily removed with a slight tug if it is deemed not required.

There is also a Finger-Control (FC) connector with a similar cap that can fit the control outlet for similar purposes.

Both types of the suction catheters comes with tips and opposed eyes, 40cm long and available in sizes CH6 to CH16.


Pre-order by email or via HP is recommended.

Additional information

Suction Cath Size

FC – CH10, FC – CH12, FC – CH14, FC – CH16, FC – CH6, FC – CH8, TC – CH10, TC – CH12, TC – CH14, TC – CH16, TC – CH6, TC – CH8


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