Standard Dressing Set


$1.25 is the price per pack. For bulk order by cartons of 80 packets, the price is $1.05 per packet. Please call for bulk order.


Consists of a tray, 3 poly-carbonate forceps (1 big; 2 small), 4 pieces of NW Gauze 3×3 inches, 5 cotton balls, 1 drape towel, 1 hand
towel, 1 limpet bag and 1 sterile field.

First designed by Steril Medical Pte Ltd in 1990, it has now become a standard wound dressing set used by hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions.

What is more unique is the disposable poly-carbonate forceps that is so designed – it can hold suture ends during stitching or suture removal, hold catheters firmly during insertion or retrieval, or cotton balls and gauze during wound cleaning and dressing. This forceps is made of very good quality poly-carbonate material and calibrated very well so it does not get twisted or snap.


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