Softouch Vegan – Solution for disinfecting Fruits and Vegetables


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Effective against Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria.

  • Analyses done by Chemical & Microbiological Analysis Laboratory for Environment, Agriculture, Food, Industries.


Electrolysed Water.

  • Non-toxic when ingested inadvertently following spray.


Directions :

  • Spray on the fruits or vegetables and leave for 1 minute before actual washing.
  • Best use on vegetables produced by organic farming, uncontaminated by unapproved chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other toxic artificial chemicals.
  • Store in non-freezer fridge compartment for optimum efficacy.
  • Recommended for cleaning eggs; wipe lightly to completely dry egg before storing in the egg compartment of the fridge.


Contents :

  • 500ml Spray dispenser
  • Made in Singapore; GMP Certified.



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