Softouch Safety Lancet, 1.5mm, 28G


HUN 80 10 36

The accompanying alcohol swab pads are of cotton material (not non-woven) and of ethanol.

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Softouch Safety Lancet, 1.5mm, 28G

Push Button Activated (Blue)

HUN 80 10 36

Class B Medical Device

HSA, Singapore Reg. No. DE0019484

Product Name: Blood Lancet for Single Use

  • Contains 100 pieces Sterile safety lancets

  • Depth of 1.5mm

  • Needle Size: 23G

  • High speed penetration

  • Low puncture force

  • Almost painless

  • No pre-loading onto a launcher needed

  • Suitable for blood collection for regular glucose monitoring or for clinical examination


Safety Precautions:

Twist off the protective cap only when ready to use.

Do not use if the protective cap is damaged or missing.

Once activated and used, discard it into a sharps container.


Suitable for almost all finger skin thickness.

Otherwise, use the Softouch Safety Lancet that has 3 different depths (1.4mm, 1.8mm and 2.2mm), bigger needle of 23G and Purple in colour.


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