Sofplas Non Woven Plasters (Single / Roll)


Sofplas Non Woven Plasters

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Sofplas Non-woven plasters comes in 2 types of single-wrapped sterile plaster that contains an absorbent pad and in a Roll form.

The 2 single-wrapped sterile ones are: 6cm x 7cm  and 9cm x 10cm.

The roll-type (10cm width x 10m in length) allows for cutting into sizes suitable for each wound-dressing need. Or to secure another pad such as the ‘detox foot-sole patch’.

The Single-wrapped types is sterile-packed. The absorbent pad in the middle has high absorbency for the blood, serous or purulent discharge on the wound, yet it does not allow seepage and minimal strike-through onto the outer surface of the plaster.
The pad also has low adhesion and will not stick to the wound easily.

Another series of dressing plasters is the Transplas transparent and waterproof type.

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Dressing Plasters

10cmx10m Roll, 6cmx7cm Single, 9cmx10cm Single


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