Shoulder Mobilizer


Shoulder Mobilizer and Cervical Traction Kit

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4 exercises to help relief pain at shoulder-joint due to ‘frozen shoulder:

Exercise demo 1:-shoulder-abduction

Exercise demo 2:-flexion

Exercise demo 3:-extension

Exercise demo 4:-internal-rotation

Designed to help patients recover from the incapacitating stiffness of shoulder peri-arthritis (frozen shoulder).

The device is in the form of a pulley system, one end with weights and the other with a hand grip to provide the means of continuing a regime of regular mobilization exercises necessary for the recovery of mobility and function of the affected shoulder.

Converting it to a Cervical Traction Kit – a harness can be attached instead and be used by patients requiring continual cervical traction to overcome the pain, stiffness and limited movements associated with cervical spondylosis or other neck conditions.

Special Features of this exercise kit:

1. Can be mounted on a standard door during use without the use of screws or nuts and bolts.

2. First of its kind to have a set of weights on one end of the pulley system (as opposed to having two hand-grips on both ends).

3. The weights can be easily adjusted as recommended by the doctor.

4. Instructions for a regime of four therapeutic exercises (in both video format (DVD) and printed copy) are included. It is also available on the internet – Youtube.

5. Replacement parts – weights, hand-grips, ropes and neck-harness can be bought separately.


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