Scrub Brush – with CHG pre-filled


Scrub Brush – with CHG pre-filled

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Scrub Brush with pre-filled CHG handsoap (packed in box of 24 pieces).

Available for sale in single piece (sterile-packed) too.

This Disposable Scrub Brush is designed to reduce the discomfort of repeated OR pre-operative scrubbing. The brush has a polyurethane side that is used for applying the handsoap disinfectant while the brush for scrubbing is on the other side.
The outstanding feature of the brush is the softness of the bristles. The brush surface is designed to allow the bristles to reach every section of the hand.
The soft bristles ensures minimum dermabrasion during scrubbing that may inevitably results from repeated use of re-usable scrub brushes.

This disposable scrub brush is available in single sterile pack pre-filled with Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%.

24 pieces are packed into a box that can be hung on the wall of the operating room and each piece can be easily dispensed out by pulling it from the bottom of the box.


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