Safety Lancet & Alcohol Swab (FOC)


FOC Alcohol Swab is for a limited period only (while stocks last).

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Softouch Sterile Safety Lancet

Available in a Box of 100 pieces, bundled with a box (100 sachets) of Softouch alcohol swabs.
*Softouch Alcohol Swabs (200 sachets) available separately.
– Design for blood glucose monitoring and other diagnostic tests in homecare, clinics, hospitals . . .
– Sterilized by cobalt 60 gamma radiation

– Ultra sharp tri-beveled needle that reduces penetration pain
– Optimum blood yield for glucose measurement with maximum comfort
– Ergonomically designed for easy handling
– Spring control of speed and depth of needle penetration
– Immediate retraction of needle after use to reduce risk of needle prick
– Single release function renders it inoperable, to prevent re-use

Directions for use:
– Clean the finger tip with Softouch Alcohol antiseptic swab
– Remove protective transparent cap of this safety lancet
– Place the white part of lancet over the pulp or border of the terminal phalanx of a finger you intend to prick

– Holding the lancet at the green part, apply vertical pressure until a click is felt
– Transfer the blood drop from the finger to the test strip


– Safety Lancet:
– Use once only; not for repeat use.
– Discard it properly.
– Alcohol Swab:
– Do not use if it causes skin irritation
– Flammable product
– Keep out of reach of children
– Ingestion may cause adverse side effects


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