PAP Cytology Set


PAP Cytology Set

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This PAP Cytology set is a device that will simplify the process of obtaining a cervical PAP smear sample for cytological examination.

2 brushes, a glass slide and the container forms the equipment for the set. The cervical brush enables simultaneous sampling of both the exocervical and endocervical cells in the transformation zone of the cervix. The brush bristles are flattened so as to maximise the collection of cells with just one rotation during the procedure.

The Endocervical (Cyto) brush can be used to collect cells from the endocervical canal. Using both the brushes will improve the cellular yield and reduce bleeding that can interfere with the subsequent histological interpretation.

This PAP Cytology set contains the fixative. By fully inserting the glass slide into the container, it forces the fixative to flood over the smear and ix the cells immediately. This prevents drying and histological artifacts.


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