Oculosil, minimum 10 pieces (1 pack)


Oculosil – price per pack of 10 pieces

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The Oculosil is used to help cover an eye to prevent it from dryness due to prolonged exposure of the eye following paralysis of the facial muscles in stroke and Bell Palsy (paralysis of the face on one side caused by inflammation of a facial nerve that leads to inadequate closure of the eyelids and cornea inflammation.

The Oculosil has two components a hypoallergenic non-woven base that adheres to the periorbital margin and a transparent plastic blister that overlies the paralyzed eye.

This blister serves to trap and re-circulate the tears that would otherwise drips or evaporates, thereby preventing ocular dryness.

Oculosil is very effective in preventing exposure keratitis (inflammation of the cornea) when it is used regularly.

This device is available in non-sterile packs of 10s.


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