Oculopad (Eye pad dressing)


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Steril Oculopad are available in three different sizes – Standard, Thin and Child.

These Oculopads are designed with patient’s comfort in mind, strong absorbency and retention of liquids such as blood or other discharge when used as postoperative dressing following ocular surgery.

The oculopads are constructed of compressed cotton wedged between layers of non-woven material. This non-woven layer allows the fluid discharge to be absorbed rapidly into the inner cotton layer and yet prevent it from flowing through. As such, the site of operation is kept dry and comfortable and at the same time prevents discharge from staining the outer layer of the pad.

  • The Standard version is used for immediate post-operative dressing.
  • The Thin version is for long term absorption of lachrymal secretion as a result of duct obstruction due to surgical complications.
  • The Child type is meant for child patient’s post-operative dressing.

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