Oculotips – Cellulose Eye Spears (for microscopic sponging), minimum 10 packets


Price is for 10 Packets (5 sticks per packet)

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Oculotips– Cellulose Eye Spears (for microscopic sponging)

Steril Oculotips is soft & highly absorbent, is used for swabbing the conjunctiva and palpebral skin and eyelids.

The sterile form can be used for taking samples for microbiological culture and sensitivity testing.

Suitable for the management of eye fluids during ophthalmic procedures such as Cataract, Glaucoma, Cornea, Retina, and including LASIK surgery.

It can also be used for other procedures such as saliva collection.

The sponge ‘spear’ is made of an absorbent cellulose material giving it a quick wicking action to absorb and clean away the fluids on the surface of the eyeballs in ophthalmic surgery.

Each pack contains 5 sticks and is sterilized with EO Gas.


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