Nasogastric Ryle Tube – 123cm


Nasogastric Ryle Tube – 123cm

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Ryle Nasogastric Tube 123cm:

This nasogastric catheter is intended for short-term gastric suction to prevent distention (swollen from internal pressure) on resected (cut) or anastomotic (cut and joined back) areas, gastrointestinal tract infections and ileus (blockage in the intestine). They can also be used for aspirating gastric secretion for hyperacidity studies or for oral administration of fluids and medicines.

These Ryle tubes has a closed barium-filled tip, has two pairs of opposed eyes and a full length intramural barium line.

An unique feature of this catheter is its versatile connector that can accommodate another connector when a syringe has to be used for gastric aspiration or feeding. An attached cap replaces the spigot which is needed to stop gastric outflow. The flexibility (or shore hardness) are checked with a durometer to ensure that the tube passes through the nasopharynx with minimal resistance. The tip and eyes are also checked to remove any burrs (rough edges). There are also Hanson point markings to guide users with the insertion.

This Ryle catheter has a shorter version (and with exactly similar features and functionalities) of 106cm in length.

Sizes available are CH10, CH12, CH14, CH16 and CH18.

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CH10, CH12, CH14, CH16, CH18


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