Nasal Cannula, 2.1m in length, minimum 10 tubes


is the price for 10 tubes.

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This Nasal Cannula Tube is designed for delivering clean oxygen of the correct concentration to patients suffering from hypoxia.

Length of cannula is 2.1m.

Detailed attention is given to the dimensions (length and internal diameter) of the tubing used to ensure the appropriate oxygen flow rate of 4L/minute or 5L/minute corresponding to the Inspired Oxygen Concentration (FI02) of 102.36% or 102.40% respectively.

The Nasal Cannula is soft and can be cut easily for the length required, whenever necessary.
An adjustable headband ensures that they sit in the nares without causing discomfort or irritate the skin.

This headband is connected to the connecting tube that connects to the outlet of the humidifier (wall-mounted or mobile oxygen concentrator).

Special attention is also paid to the lumen of the connecting tube – it has a crenelated cross-section along the entire length so as to prevent complete obstruction of oxygen flow when the tube is accidentally kinked during use.


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