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This Nail Avulsion Set is only for sale to medical professionals.

It is a minor surgical procedure set meant for the removal of all or part of a nail plate by separating the nail plate from the local soft tissue attachments.
Mainly, it is to relieve symptoms of ingrowing toenail or for any other reasons the nail plate has to be removed : –

– such as for a full examination of the nail bed,

– before biopsy on the nail bed, or

– to treat fungal infection on the nail bed.

Main features of this set includes : –

– a pair of Metzenbaum scissors that has blunt tips to slip between the nail plate and the nail bed so as to lift the nail plate

– a Nail Avulsion Forceps for pulling the nail plate and detach it from the PNF (proximal nail fold, opposite from the tip of the digit)

– a tourniquet drape that can help constrict and prevent excessive blood flow.


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