L&R Rosidal® K Short Stretch Compression Bandage – 5 m (stretched length)


Rosidal K, slightly stretchable Compression Bandage


Rosidal® K Short Stretch Compression Bandage – 5 m (stretched length), with bandage clips (except for 4 cm), individually packed in a folding box.

Treatment stretch by stretch

  • To achieve the desired treatment outcome, bandages are required to be elastic and exert pressure at the same time.
  • The Rosidal K Short Stretch Bandage offers powerful compression but is also a short stretch textile-elastic bandage.
  • It is used to provide powerful compression of the limbs in phlebology.
  • This bandage is also used to treat acute and chronic lymphoedema and to provide support and pressure relief in traumatology and sports medicine.

A strong hold you can rely on

  • The bandages are pleasantly breathable and very skin-friendly.
  • Thanks to the textured structure of the fabric the turns of the bandage adhere firmly to each other.
  • To make it even less likely that the bandage will slip, Rosidal haft, a cohesive short stretch bandage, can be used for additional security, or a cohesive fixation bandage such as Mollelast haft can be used to secure the end.

Product composition

  • 100 % cotton

Fields of application

  • for strong compression (e.g. in phlebology)
  • for immobilisation of limbs
  • for support and relief in traumatology and sports medicine
  • for retention of dressings


  • lengthwise elastic (to about 90%)
  • textile elastic due to the twisting of the warp threads during weaving
  • air-permeable
  • textured fabric
  • with selvedges
  • cream-coloured

To note

  • can be washed up to 50 times at 95°C (commercially available mild detergent/delicates cycle)


Additional information

Rosidal K Short Stretch

10cmx5m, with clips, 4cmx5m, w/o clip, 6cmx5m, with clips, 8cmx5m, with clips


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