L&R Mollelast® haft latex-free Cohesive Bi-Elastic Conforming Bandage


Mollelast Haft Cohesive Bi-Elastic (Stretchable both lengthwise and widthwise) Conforming Bandage is available in 5 ‘width’ sizes; white colour only.


Latex-free fixation

This range of Mollelast haft latex-free cohesive bi-elastic conforming bandage comes with a synthetic micro-coating that is free from natural rubber latex. With this latex-free product, users have as an option a very well-tolerated conforming bandage which has all the tried-and-tested properties of Mollelast haft.

Product composition

66 % viscose, 34 % polyamide, with a synthetic microcoating

Fields of application

  • for immobilisation of limbs
  • for retention of dressings and cannulas


  • Stretchable to about 65% lengthwise, and widthwise – to at least 50%
  • air-permeable
  • not bulky
  • the turns of the bandage stay reliably in place
  • economical use of materials
  • high-quality, stable selvedges
  • available only in white colour

Additional information

Mollelast Haft Bi-elastic

Latex-free 10cmx4m, Latex-free 12cmx4m, Latex-free 4cmx4m, Latex-free 6cmx4m, Latex-free 8cmx4m


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