L&R Metalline Non-Adherent Tracheo Dressing (Sterile)


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The L&R Metalline Non-Adherent Tracheo Dressing (Sterile) is for wound care and to go around tracheal cannulas for tracheostomies and large-calibre drains.


  • size of pad – 8cm x 9cm
  • suitable for variable hole diameters of 12mm – 19mm, suitable for tubes of CH31 – CH50
  • reduce risk of adhesion to wounds
  • virtual painless dressing changes
  • gentle on the wound
  • permeable to air and water vapour
  • supple and soft
  • good drainage


The matte overlay on Metalline dressings is a very thin, soft, aluminized non-woven with good drainage. The smooth surface does not adhere to wounds. This means the wound is undisturbed and dressing changes are atraumatic, which has a positive effect on the course of healing.


Product Structure

Metalline is made up of multiple layers

  1. The wound side

Metalline’s wound-contact layer is composed of a perforated viscose non-woven material which is especially suitable for medical purposes. The individual fibres are coated with aluminium using a high-vacuum vaporization process. This creates a porous, non-adherent layer with a shiny, very smooth surface onto which wound exudate cannot adhere. As a result, Metalline does not adhere to wounds. This aluminium-coated Metalline layer is not itself absorbent and is not affected by water, blood or secretions.

  1. The absorbent layer

Because Metalline’s aluminium-coated layer is highly porous the exudate diffuses into the absorbent layer, which very rapidly absorbs and retains blood and exudate. Draining blood is absorbed immediately and transported rapidly into the absorbent non-woven layer by the capillary action of the Metalline pores. This has almost no wetting effect on Metalline’s surface. The pores also ensure an unrestricted supply of air to the wound.

  1. The top layer

The top layer, which is made from a thin non-woven material, covers the absorbent layer.

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Tracheo 8x9

Tracheo8x9-10pc, Tracheo8x9-25pc, Tracheo8x9-50pc, Tracheo8x9-5pc


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