L&R Curaplast® Kids (15 strips in a folding box)


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Curaplast Kids is a skin-friendly adhesive dressing for children.

It is decorated with fun designs.

The colourful designs work equally well for boys and girls.


Product composition:

  • Backing material: polyethylene, synthetic rubber adhesive (free of colophony and colophony derivatives)
  • Wound pad: viscose, polypropylene/polyethylene, mesh film made from polyethylene


Fields of application:

  • treating minor everyday injuries



  • centred wound pad
  • keeps the wound pad securely on the skin
  • mesh film reduces risk of adhesion to the wound
  • fun designs for children
  • water- and dirt-repellent
  • flexible and durable



box of 15 strips, each 6.0cm x 1.7cm



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