L&R Curafix® i.v. Soft (6 x 7.5 cm)


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33696 Curafix® i.v. Soft (6 x 7.5 cm)

Cannula retention dressing made from nonwoven material.

Curafix® i.v. is suitable for the fixation of cannulas and catheters to the skin and as a mechanical barrier to protect the puncture site. The portfolio comprises cannula and catheter retention dressings for peripheral and central venous accesses.

  • Has a counter-fixation element for reliable adhesion
  • A good visual monitoring of the puncture site for longer dressing change intervals
  • Optimised sizes for many fields of application, e.g. paediatrics


Curafix i.v. Soft is made of nonwoven material only and is quickly and easily applied. The wound pad absorbs blood and exudate.* In particular cannulas with injection ports can be safely affixed thanks to the die-cut opening and overlapping dressing wings.* In addition, Curafix i.v. Soft has a latex-free formulation and is skin-friendly.**

Product composition

  • Nonwoven: white, polyester, skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive (free of colophony and colophony derivatives)
  • Wound pad: viscose/polypropylene/polyethylene, polyethylene film

Fields of application

  • For the retention of cannulas and catheters on the skin and as a mechanical barrier to protect the puncture site.
  • suitable for peripheral venous access (PVC)


  • adheres readily and reliably to the skin*
  • skin-friendly
  • good water vapour permeability
  • latex-free formulation
  • dressing leaves little residue when removed*
  • elastic nonwoven material
  • supple
  • secure retention

*The stated properties are based on currently available in vitro data.


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