Infant Feeding Tube, minimum 10 pieces per size


Price is for 10 pieces.

Infant Feeding Tube

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Infant feeding tube:

This Infant Feeding Tube are designed for short-term use, to feed sick and premature babies who are unable to go on breastfeeding or be bottle-fed. They are also used for administering medications to the baby or for gastric aspiration.

The tube is made from non-toxic plastic using extrusion methodology. Its flexibility (or shore hardness in the case of plastic) is precisely controlled to ensure that the tube does not coil in the nasopharynx and can pass through the oesophagus easily.

There is also a barium line along the entire length of the tube to allow for radiological confirmation of its actual position in the oesophagus and stomach and that it has not migrated into the trachea during insertion.

It is 50 cm long and has level markings between 10cm and 20cm from the tip of the tube.

Available sizes are: CH5, CH6, CH8 and CH10

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Infant Feeding Tube Sizes

CH10, CH5, CH6, CH8


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