Home Catheterization Set 1


Home Catheterization Set 1

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This home catheterization set comes complete with all the necessary items, including a tray, 3 forceps, some gauzes and cotton balls, a limpet bag and a sterile field (all within the standard dressing set) as well as the following:

– 1 sterile urine bag (2 litres, with a 90cm tube)
– 2 disposable syringes (10cc, sterile)
– 1 sachet Chlorhexidine wash (0.05%, 25ml)
– 1 ampoule water for irrigation (20ml)
– 1 sachet lubricating gel (5g)
– 1 pair sterile surgical gloves (size 7)
– 1 pair co-polymer gloves (medium)


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