HOCl Perineal Care


HOCl Perineal Care

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HOCl Perineal Care, Hypochlorous Antiseptic

(HUN 15 10 00)

Contains 100ppm of Hypochlorous Acid; 250ml

– This Perineal Care Wash contains naturally occurring compound found in white blood cells           (neutrocytes/neutrophils) that fights bacteria, viruses, fungi . . . and also protect the skin.

– It contains No Alcohol, No Antibiotics and No Steroids.

Non-scented, Natural Deodorant

– Does not irritate skin or mucous membrane of urethra and vagina.
– Non-stinging / non-irritating / non-toxic after repeated application.
– Does not stain skin or garment.


– Spray after passing urine or bowel movement to prevent post-ablution odour.
– Spray when there is skin or mucosal infection and discharge to prevent microbial infection.
– Spray when there is itch or irritation from leucorrhoea.
– Suitable for all ages.

Instructions for use:

– Spray 4 times daily, if necessary. Does not require rinsing.
– Wipe off excess fluid with clean tissue; can be left to dry without wiping.
– Does not produce irritation, skin or mucosal discoloration.


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