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HOCl OraClean

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HOCl OraClean, Hypochlorous Antiseptic

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Contains 80ppm Hypochlorous Acid, 250ml

– This mouth-wash contains naturally occurring compound found in white blood cells (neutrocytes/neutrophils) that fights bacteria, viruses, fungi . . . and can also reduce odour and helps healing.

– Contains No Alcohol, No Antibiotics and No Steroids.

Effective management of bad breath from dental decay, pyorrhea and other oral infections.

Direction for use:

– Spray into the mouth while holding the breath, repeat spraying for a few times.
– Hold the solution in the mouth for about 1 minute before rinsing with this solution.
– When rinsing, allow the solution to circulate over the entire oral cavity, particularly the gums and tonsillar areas.
– Spit out after rinsing.
– Repeat 3 – 4 times daily over affected area between meals.

OraClean is non-toxic when ingested during rinsing.


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