HOCL CleanHands (Child) Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer


Per bottle of HOCL CleanHands, Child – 30ppm; 80ml.

Made in Singapore. GMP Certified.

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Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

HUN 10 50 01
(Hypochlorous Acid approx. 30ppm and water)

– Contains naturally occurring compound found in white blood cells (neutrocytes/neutrophils) that fights bacteria, viruses, fungi . . . and also protect the skin.

– It contains No alcohol, No antibiotics and No steroids.

– Non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

– Specially made to reduce bacteria load on the hands.

How to use:
– Spray and spread evenly over both hands and fingers.
– Rinsing with water is not needed.
– Always keep cap on; Return cap onto spray-head immediately after use.

Packaging:  80ml bottle; 24 bottles per box

Effectiveness : 18 months from date of production.


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