HoCL Antiseptic Wash & Itch Relief


HoCL Antiseptic Wash, Itch Relief, Odour Relief – 250ml.

Contains naturally occurring compound.

Made in Singapore. with GMP Certification.

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HOCl Hypochlorous Acid Antiseptic Wash & Itch Relief (100ppm solution)

*Contains naturally occurring compound found in white blood cells (neutrocytes/neutrophils) that fights bacteria, viruses, fungi . . . and also protect the skin.

* It contains No Alcohol, No Antibiotics and No Steroids.

* Bottling size: 250ml with a spray nozzle.

Many uses of HoCL:

HoCL reduces itch and inflammation, heal wounds, ulcers, burns, bedsores, reduce body odour, a feminine wash

HoCL is a highly active microbiocide against all bacterial, viral and fungal human pathogens.

It is highly effective for:

– Reducing itch due to insect bites, rashes, eczema, psoriasis . . .

– Healing wounds and ulcers, including burns, bedsores and other skin inflammation; even in the presence of purulent discharge

– Healing acne and pimples

– Healing Rosacea (adult acne) – red, flushed patches on the cheeks,nose and other parts of the face

– Reducing body odour at the armpit, groin, foot . . .

– Use as a feminine wash -for both itch and odour


– Spray at affected part four to five times daily, or whenever necessary.

– Or spray on a sterile gauze and place it over the affected area for 30 to 45 seconds; four to five times daily.

***Not recommended for intracerebral, peritoneal and ophthalmic use.


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