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Darmflora plus select intens (a High-dose multi-species 18-strain probiotic is a good supplement for:

  • supporting the immune system
  • for regenerating the intestinal flora (e.g in long-term antibiotic therapy or permanent medication with cortisone, etc.)


Darmflora plus select intens at 100 thousand million is a very high-dosage product with a high number of 18 different strains.

  • Administration of such a high dosage is recommended especially in long-term therapies with antibiotics or cortisone.
  • By spreading the daily dose across several capsules it is possible to dispense this high-dosage product as individually required (indication, body weight).
  • Another factor is that spacing the dosage across several time points ensures a more uniform supply of lactic acid bacteria to the intestine. So it is wiser to spread the full dose over several capsules.
  • Consuming two capsules of Darmflora plus select intens at different times of the day (two in the morning + two in the evening) enables the intestine to receive a uniform stream of lactobacilli over 24 hours.


Darmflora plus select intens  is a preparation with 18 specialized strains of lactic acid bacteria in the precisely coordinated dosage of 100 billion per day as well as vitamins B2, B6, B12, biotin and folic acid. The bacterial strains in Darmflora plus select intens are protected against stomach and bile acids. Therefore, they arrive in the intestine undamaged. They are also temperature stable and do not need to be cooled. The B vitamins it contains promote the intestinal mucosa and the immune system. 1.2

The lactic acid bacteria are particularly protected by the capsule and are characterized by the following features:

  • Very high doses: 100 billion lactic acid bacteria / day
  • Multi-species concept: 18 different high quality strains
  • Can be dosed individually and according to body weight
  • For special requirements (e.g. long-term antibiotic therapy)

Pack sizes: 40 capsules

  • Vegan. Gluten-free and free from gelatine, lactose, milk protein, fructose and colorings. Without magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, sweeteners and titanium dioxide.
  • Four capsules contain 100 billion lactic acid bacteria as well as 1.1 mg vitamin B1, 1.4 mg vitamin B2, 1.4 mg vitamin B6, 2.5 µg vitamin B12, 50 µg biotin and 200 µg folic acid.
  • Does not contain any histamine or tyramine-forming bacterial strains  or the lactic acid bacteria contained do not contain any genes that promote the formation of histamine or tyramine.

Consumption recommendation

The daily amount is a maximum of 4 capsules. Ideally, take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening with a meal with liquid. The intake should start with one
capsule per day and gradually increase until the recommended daily dose is reached. In long-term use, the daily amount can be reduced to 2 capsules.
The capsules can be opened by pulling them apart if necessary. During antibiotic therapy, Darmflora plus select should be taken as long as possible after the antibiotic.


  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Capsules made from acid resistant cellulose. In cases of Chronic Inflammatory bowel disease the product should not be given during the acute inflammatory phase.

Targeted selection of safe, defined strains

The bacterial strains contained in Darmflora plus select intens have been carefully selected according to the latest scientific findings. Their effectiveness and safe use in humans has been tested in appropriate human studies. All strains are genetically characterized, classified and safe (GRAS status).

Active in all intestinal areas

In Darmflora plus select intens there are 18 different, mutually complementary strains of lactic acid bacteria that are active in different sections of the intestine.

Good adhesion to the intestinal mucosa

The better a bacterium’s ability to adhere to the intestinal mucosa, the longer it can linger in the intestinal tract.

Acid resistance

The probiotic bacteria in Darmflora plus select intens have a high acid resistance. They are also protected against gastric and bile acid by a special cellulose capsule, so that a large number of the bacteria actually ingested arrive in the intestine.

Careful production and clear origins

The manufacturing process of the intestinal bacteria used for intestinal flora plus select intens is extremely gentle. This is important because bacteria cannot survive pressure and heat during production without special protection. The Dr. Wolz Zell GmbH has the internationally recognized quality certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (for the areas of development, production and sales) as well as a certified HACCP concept. The clear origin of the logs from a single source of raw materials guarantees the purity and quality of the logs used.

Free from unwanted additives

Darmflora plus select intens is gluten-free and free of lactose and colorings such as titanium dioxide E171, silicon dioxide E551 or magnesium salts of fatty acids – and does not contain any histamine or tyramine-forming strains.

Stable to many antibiotics

The selected strains show an above-average stability towards different antibiotic substances.



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