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Steril Medical’ Latex-free Elastic Cohesive Bandage (Coban)

3 sizes and in 2 colour-tones:

  • 25mm x 4.5m – white
  • 50mm x 4.5m – white and skin-tone brown
  • 75mm x 4.5m – white and skin-tone brown

Made of non-woven material, Latex-free – suitable for those with allergy to natural rubber latex.

  • All single-wrapped, to prevent cross-contamination – e.g. when it is applied by another person.
  • Self-sticking and does not adhere to other materials, skin, hair or clothes.
  • No need for use of adhesive or clips.
  • Elastic and can be used as a pressure- bandage.


  • To secure wound dressings on ‘difficult to dress areas’ such as fingers, toes, head).
  • To secure wound dressings without further hurting the skin (as in the case of adhesive dressings that sticks to the skin and hair).
  • Use as a compression bandage to immobilize, support and provide mild compression on tissue injuries such as sprains and muscle strains.

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25mm White, 50mm Brown, 50mm White, 75mm Brown, 75mm White


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