DUAL Plus – Cleanser, Disinfectant and Sanitizer


3-in-1 Cleanser, Disinfectant & Sanitizer, 500ml.

Made in Singapore. With GMP Certification.

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DUAL Plus – A broad spectrum, one-step hard surface cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer, GMP Certified.

500ml spray bottle

Quartenary Ammonium Formulation with Isogard-IS 0.99% (Isogard-IS contains 70% Isopropyl alcohol w/v).

An effective biocidal against bacteria, fungi and viruses with exceptional cleaning performance for various non-porous hard surfaces – metal, glass, plastic.

Suitable for medical-related premises, households, offices as well as other work-places.

Spray undiluted onto surfaces and allow 10 minutes contact time. Rinsing is unnecessary unless surface needs polishing.

It does not stain or cause surfaces to be pitted.

Wear gloves when cleaning; keep away from fire or flame.

Keep away from children; store below 28 deg C.


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