Cervical Brush


Cervical Brush

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Cervical Brush

This Cervical Brush is designed for procuring cells for PAP cervical cancer screening.
The brush end is specially shaped such as to obtain a proper cellular yield with just one single action.
The shoulders of the brush are meant to take cellular specimens from the ectocervix while the central extended portion of the brush from the endocervix, when this section of the brush is designed to reach exactly the transformation zone in the canal.

Every bristle of the brush is flattened towards the tip to ensure that when the brush is rotated it will actually scrape the epithelial surface and collect the cells for histology.

The brush used to make the brush is specially selected to ensure that cells collected are easily transferred to the microscope slide or thin-film preservative and that there is minimal adhesion of cells on the surface of the brush.

Available in single-packed sterile packaging.


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