Aspiration Curettes – Karman Flexible Curettes, Minimum 10 pieces


Minimum purchase is 10 pieces. Price is for 10 pieces.

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The Aspiration Curette is designed for intrauterine curettage – for voluntary or therapeutic termination of pregnancy, menstrual regulation and diagnostic procedures.

These Karmen Curettes are available in 6 sizes, identifiable by different coloured connectors that can be detached to connect the curette directly to the suction head of the vacuum aspirator.

The Karmen Curettes have a rounded tip and two lateral eyes beveled to ensure safe and effective endometrial evacuation.

There are also the Rigid Curettes – available in different sizes and be of straight or slightly curved design.

The eye of the rigid curette is open at the tip and the margin of the eye is beveled so as to achieve a more effective removal of the endometrial lining.

What is Available :

For Karmen Curettes, 6 sizes are available – 5mm to 10mm.

Whereas :

7 sizes are available for Straight Rigid Curettes – 6mm to 12mm;


6 sizes for the Curved Rigid Curettes – 6mm to 11mm.

Advance orders are recommended.

Additional information

Karman Curette Size

5 (Brown), 6 (Green), 7 (Yellow), 8 (Blue), 9 (Red)


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