Aperture Drapes


Aperture Drape – 30cm x 40cm, round aperture

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Aperture Drapes can be supplied in different dimensions and with aperture of either round or oval.

The larger sizes are of dimension 75cm x 75cm with either round or oval aperture.

The edge of the apertures can be designed to have an adhesive border.

The aperture can also be designed to have an incised film made of adherent polyethylene that conforms to the curve of the surgical site.

Material for these Aperture Drapes can be of Dupont, Kimberly-Clark or an economical version.

Please call to discuss if you need drapes of other dimensions and/or apertures.

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Aperture Drapes Dimension

30cmx40cm, round, 50cmx50cm, oval, 50cmx50cm, round, 75cmx75cm, oval, 75cmx75cm, round


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