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2 Softouch

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Softouch 5.5 is an all purpose non-medicated Handwash with emollient and moisturizer.

It is suitable for use as a shower foam for mild eczema too.

Softouch Minus is a full body wash especially suitable for patients with atopic dermatitis, eczema or other skin conditions, and cannot tolerate cleansing with ordinary soap.

Ladies uses Softouch Minus for make-up removal too.

The Bottle-holder is $14/- if bought separately. It is specially made to hold these Softouch washing liquids on shower-room wall or washing basin. It is also suitable for other ‘Steril Medical’ 500ml solutions such as the hand-sanitizer – Biogard CHG, Chlorhex 5.5, Dual Spray, and others.


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